Slimline PVC Clip v2


The Slimline PVC Clip v2 is a variation of our original compact mounting clip that you can attach onto just about any surface with a screw and then easily insert 1/2″ or 3/4″ PVC to mount sections of lights for light duty use. The v2 version of the Slimline PVC Clip features an insert at the base which will fit snugly inside of 1/2″ PVC pipe. This allows for the use of PVC standoffs to increase the distance that the clip, and thus the attached PVC section with the lights, is from the substrate. (9/16 inch total distance from the base to the back of the PVC without adding any PVC extensions) Fits either a #8 or #6 screw. Overall length of the clip is 1/2 inch. Screws not included.

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3D printing parts is a slow process and we have a whole print farm running 24/7 to fulfill orders and build stock of the more popular items. If you order a product that shows “made to order” we will move it directly to the print queue where it will be printed as soon as possible. While normal processing times for most orders with made to order items is less than a week, it can fluctuate. Very large orders can also experience longer than normal processing times as well because of the high number of hours it takes to produce lots of parts. If processing times are expected to be longer than two weeks before shipping, there will be a banner at the top of the website indicating the expected wait times. See the FAQ page for more info.

All of our 3D printed parts use PETG filament which provides good flexibility and resistance to UV exposure when used seasonally.

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1/2" PVC, 3/4" PVC


White, Grey, Black


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