ChromaStar 36


3D Printed mounting system for the 6 ring Boscoyo ChromaStar 36. The design adds additional support to the top, upper left and upper right of the star. It’s designed to work in combination with 1/2″ galvanized pipe or black pipe alongside the stock Boscoyo mounts. The top mount is sized for the galvanized / black pipe and the left and right sides utilize 1/2″ EMT conduit. A zip tie is then added in the center where the pipe and the EMT intersect. The current design has been updated from what is shown in the pictures. The pictures depict aluminum channel that runs horizontally below the center galvanized pipe. Now EMT conduit sits taller and runs above the galvanized pipe. Colors may vary, typically they are white or black. If you have a specific color request for white or black please include a note indicating your preference with your order, but keep in mind that it may increase processing time for in-stock items. Includes 3D printed parts only.


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3D printing parts is a slow process and we have a whole print farm running 24/7 to fulfill orders and build stock of the more popular items. In stock items will be ready for shipping, pending payment of the shipping invoice, either same day or next day. If you order a product on backorder we will move it directly to the print queue where it will be printed as soon as possible. While normal processing times for most orders with backordered items is less than a week, it can fluctuate from time to time around 1-2 weeks. Very large orders can also experience longer than normal processing times as well. If processing times are expected to be longer than two weeks before shipping, there will be a banner at the top of the website indicating the expected wait times. Additionally very large orders could have longer delays due to the vast number of printer hours required for production of the parts. We will contact you and let you know the expected production time if it were to exceed the estimated timeline for very large orders. Orders will ship USPS by default unless FedEx is specifically requested. See the FAQ page for more info. 

All of our 3D printed parts use PETG filament which provides good flexibility and resistance to UV exposure when used seasonally.

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