Attaching Mounts to Coro Props

Attaching 3D printed mounts to coro is fairly straightforward, but there are some considerations to make when installing mounts that can simplify installation and eliminate frustration. Below are some general bullet points that go over the installations process as well as a video that talks about the steps in more detail.

  • It’s best to install mounts before you insert pixels, but you can do it afterwards by removing only the pixels where the mounts are located.
  • When using mounts designed for EMT conduit, glue the EMT bushings into the PVC cross so they don’t slide out over time.
  • If your prop was slit in half for shipping, run the continuous length EMT span perpendicular to the slit for added strength.
  • Reference the renderings on the website for proper positioning of the mounts if needed.
  • Some coro props may appear symmetrical, but have small variations in pixel alignment. In these instances the holes on the mounts are positioned in the average location and may not perfectly align with the holes on the prop. In these cases you want to position the mounts in the best overall location for all the holes.
  • We try and use the existing zip tie holes, but often there either is not enough of them or they aren’t positioned where the mounts must be located. So you will likely need to make your own holes. Burning holes in the coro with a heated piece of stiff wire or a soldering iron tip is the fastest and cleanest method, but a drill also works.
  • Don’t fully tighten the zip ties until all the EMT sections are inserted to allow for fine tune adjustment of the fit.
  • Insert the EMT by sliding it through the mounts and slightly twisting the conduit back and forth. Never force it or hit it with a hammer to make it fit.
  • While you can install the pixels before the EMT, it’s recommended to install the EMT first, drill for the screws and tighten all the zip ties. Then remove the screws and the EMT and begin pushing the pixels.
  • Use #8 sheet metal screws to secure the EMT to the mounts. For 1/2″ EMT use 1/2″ length screws and for 3/4″ EMT use 3/4″ length screws. A 7/64 drill bit is a good size for predrilling the EMT. You only need to go through the top of the EMT.
  • Watch the video below to learn more.