Frequently Asked Questions

We can ship orders with USPS, UPS or FedEx. For customers within the USA, shipping costs are calculated at checkout and will ship using the most economical means which is typically USPS or UPS depending on location. However if you would prefer a specific carrier to be used, simply include a note with your order to use XYZ shipping and we will send a separate invoice for shipping using those rates if that service is more expensive than the standard shipping rate paid at checkout. Please note that if you request a specific shipping provider and that provider is more expensive than our standard shipping, we will not ship out your order until the shipping invoice is paid.

For international customers shipping is not calculated at checkout and will be invoiced separately when the order is ready to ship.

If you would prefer a faster shipping speed to be utilized with your order, just include a note with your order indicating the requested delivery preference. When your order is ready we will send out a separate shipping invoice for the additional shipping charges. Please note that we will not ship out your order until the shipping invoice is paid.

Our policy is that all order discrepancies must be reported within 30 days of receiving your package. This includes broken items and missing items. Please send an email to with your order number and a brief explanation of the issue along with photos if any items are broken. We will work to resolve any issues promptly and have replacement parts sent out.

PETG provides good UV resistance when used seasonally, but it should not be considered UV stable. This is a common misconception as many people in this hobby refer to PETG as being UV safe, when it reality it is UV resistant. When PETG is left outside year round it looses flexibility over time with increased UV exposure and this can prematurely shorten the life of the part.

Sometimes it happens and you may accidentally order STL files, but you really wanted to purchase the physical parts. As long as you don’t download the file or files, that is not a problem and credit can be applied towards the purchase of the physical parts if you contact us within 30 days of your order. However being a digital product, once you download the file or files, all sales are final and no credit or refund can be offered.

No we are not a sequence club. We release new sequences at a relatively low volume and all sequences are purchased a la carte. Please like our Facebook page or join the Facebook group to stay up to date on new releases and special sale pricing.

It’s true that our mega tree design is unique with its bottom skirt, but we’ve made it really easy to map over. Our tree is made up of a mega tree model, a spinner model and several mega tree shadow models. Anyone who wants to build a tree similar to ours can use those models for mapping. For the majority of people we have created a simple way to map over the mega tree with the inclusion of a Mega Tree 180 and Mega Tree 360 model. These models are in the sequence xml file and will be displayed as available models to import from during the mapping process. You can simply ignore all the other mega tree models and import either the Mega Tree 180 or Mega Tree 360 model depending on what you have in your display. That’s all there is to it. Just map either the 180 or 360 mega tree model to your tree and forget about the other stuff.

Even with the latest 3D printers, 3D printing itself is a slow process. Mounts such as the Rosa Grande, Mesmerizer and Steampunk take upwards of 40 hours of printing time. We also print our mounts with higher infill percentages to increase strength and durability. Total printing costs must factor in printer wear and maintenance, electricity costs as well as occasional print failures in addition to the obvious material cost. Be assured though that our costs are always substantially cheaper than finding a 3D printing manufacturer to print parts for you.

A majority of our 3D printed parts are made to order and we only try to maintain stock of the most popular items. As such the printers are often booked out a week or two in advance fulfilling earlier orders, this is especially true as the Christmas season approaches. While normal processing time for most orders is less than a week, it can fluctuate from time to time to 1-2 weeks. Very large orders can also experience longer than normal processing times as well. It is best to contact us first if you have a specific timeline needs and we can advise the current processing times.