Poor Mans Pixel Pole Mounts – EMT STLs


3D Printed mounting system for the Gilbert Engineering Poor Mans Pixel Pole utilizing 1/2″ EMT conduit for the mounting material. EMT is suitable when using the pixels poles as a freestanding prop. For installations where mounting against a structure will be utilized or for use on vinyl siding with our special Poor Mans Pixel Pole Vinyl Siding Corner Clips, a PVC version is available. These mounts provide a frame structure behind the coro to increase strength and allow mounting to various surfaces.

Note: The 99 node, 3 pixels across version changed mid year in 2022. The older versions were approximately 3.25″ wide and the new versions are approximately 4″ wide. Please check which version you have prior to ordering.

Note: This is a digital purchase for STL files and not a physical product. 

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For freestanding installation use 1/2″ rebar and drive the rebar into the ground. Then slide the pixels poles over top of the rebar and use landscape stakes in the holes on the base mount to prevent turning. Wind and height can make a secure installation challenging. Try and utilize 3 feet or longer rebar and go at least 1.5 feet into the ground depending on soil. The deeper the rebar goes into the ground and the taller it sticks out and fits inside of the EMT, the stronger your pixel pole will stand. Anything more than one section for the 99 and 200 node poles will almost certainly need some form of guy wires to stand up to wind events. Even at only one section tall, a strong wind can take its toll and knock down the poles. So if you are in a wind prone area it may make sense to utilize guy wires regardless of height. The 600 node version will always require guy wires to stabilize as it’s massive!

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Pixel Pole Version

99 Node, 3 Pixels Across (Current Version – Approx 4" wide), 99 Node, 3 Pixels Across (Original Version – Approx 3.25" wide), 200 Node, 4 Pixels Across, 600 Node, 6 Pixels Across


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