Shingle Clip Rear Facing STL


Easily and quickly attach Christmas lights to your house with these rear facing shingle clips. This version is designed for putting lights in locations that don’t directly face the street. The taller profile and angle of the opening allows for lights to be placed on roof profiles that face away from the street, but still have the lights angle towards the street. Attach the lights to sections of PVC pipe and then insert the PVC into the clips. Allows for the installation of entire spans in just a few minutes. PVC opening and placement has been designed to be slightly wider to allow for increased flexing of the clip when inserting or removing PVC. This is important for cold weather applications when the clips are inherently more brittle. The STL file contains versions for 1/2″ and 3/4″ PVC as well as 1/2″ EMT.

Note: This is a digital purchase for STL files and not a physical product. 


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