PEX Arch Bases Set


These PEX Arch Bases are designed for 1″ PEX tubing that is available at Home Depot or Lowes. There are two versions of PEX Arch Bases, the Standard Version and the Ultimate Version. The standard version is just that, a typical PEX arch that uses 1/2″ PVC for both the horizontal bracing and for the perpendicular stabilizing legs. The ultimate version takes the arch design a step further and replaces the PVC horizontal bracing with 1″ PEX tubing so you can run lights in both the arch and the horizontal section along the ground. Like in the standard version, 1/2″ PVC is utilized for the perpendicular stabilizing legs. Both designs allow pigtails to pass inside of the base and snap into a tapered groove on the bottom. An internal zip tie tunnel locks the pigtails in place so they stay contained in the groove. The advantage to this design is that whether you are using strips or pixels, you can use preassembled pigtails with your lights and simply slide them through the bases. No more fumbling to solder your connections with a partially assembled arch laying across your work bench. Our pixel strip holder is also included which securely holds down pixel strips to the inside of the tubing. Both versions are available with 0 degree, 5 degree or 10 degree arch angles. The choice of angle is simply a personal preference on the desired shape of the arch. The 0 degree version has the arch exiting the base completely vertical and is for those who like a true half circle shape. The 5 and 10 degree versions simply lessen the arch exit angle. Keep in mind that the overall length of the arch segment and horizontal bracing are equally important in determining the shape and the base angle simply plays a role in achieving the desired shape. Each PEX Arch Base Set contains a left and right arch base and associated pixel strip holder for each base. More details on the arches below. Arch bases will be black with white pixel strip holders. Includes 3D printed parts only.

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All of our 3D printed parts use PETG filament which provides good flexibility and resistance to UV exposure when used seasonally.

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Standard Arch, Ultimate Arch

Arch Angle

0 degrees, 5 degrees, 10 degrees


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