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3D Printed mounting system for the Gilbert Engineering series of mini trees. This mounting system utilizes a lower and upper center hub and 4 lower outside mounts that attach with zip ties to the mini tree. 1/2″ EMT conduit is used to join all the printed parts to create an internal skeleton that securely supports the mini tree. To install the tree, simply insert 1/2″ rebar into the ground and slide the EMT center of the mini tree over the rebar. Please select the version of mini tree you have and the size. The Rev 2 mini trees were released in March – April 2021 and the size differences in the trees makes the original and Rev 2 series of mounts incompatible with each other. If you have any question on which version you have, please contact us prior to ordering. Take 25% off automatically when purchasing 2 or more sizes of GE Mini Tree Mounts. Discount will be reflected in cart. Additional info listed below. Important: Around the time of October 2021 to Nov 2021 the Small Rev 2 size changed from approximately 33 inches tall to 19 inches tall. Our mounts currently only support the small rev2 tree that is 33 inches tall. We will not have mounts for the 19 inch tall tree until next season.

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The sizing of the trees has changed slightly from the original version to the Rev 2 version. The heights of the trees for the various sizes are as follows.

  • Original Version – Mini 22″, Small 32″, Medium 37″, Large 48″
  • Revision 2 – Mini 23″, Small 33″, Medium 36″, Large 43″

Parts List:

  • 1/2″ EMT Conduit
  • (8x) 8/32 x 1/2″ machine screw or similar sheet metal screws for securing EMT to bottom mounts
  • #6 or similar x 1/2″ sheet metal screw for use with the alignment jig
  • (5x) #6, #8 or similar x 1/2″ sheet metal screws for securing the top mount (10 screws are needed on the large)
  • 8/32 x 2″ machine screw for locking EMT in place on top mount
  • (2x) 8/32 x 1″ machine screws for the star
  • (2x) 8/32 nylon lock nuts for the star
  • 1/4 – 20 machine screw for the star, 1/2″ length
  • Zip Ties

Recommended lengths for cutting EMT conduit: (My personal preference on the vertical section is to extend the EMT 6″ beyond the top hub)

Original Mini Trees

  • Mini Size: Vertical EMT 28 – 30 inches, Horizontal EMT (4x) 6 3/8 inches
  • Small Size: Vertical EMT 37 – 39 inches, Horizontal EMT (4x) 8 7/8 inches
  • Medium Size: Vertical EMT 43 – 45 inches, Horizontal EMT (4x) 10 inches
  • Large Size : Vertical EMT 53 – 55 inches, Horizontal EMT (4x) 13 inches

Rev 2 Mini Trees

  • Mini Size: Vertical EMT 28 1/2 – 30 1/2 inches, Horizontal EMT (4x) 6 9/16 inches
  • Small Size: Vertical EMT 37 – 39 inches, Horizontal EMT (4x) 9 3/8 inches
  • Medium Size: Vertical EMT 41 1/2 – 43 1/2 inches, Horizontal EMT (4x) 10 5/8 inches
  • Large Size: Vertical EMT 47 1/2 – 49 1/2 inches, Horizontal EMT (4x) 12 3/4 inches

Note: Due to the smaller top diameter of the 23″ mini size on the Rev 2 tree, the opening on the top hub for the pigtail passthrough to the star could not be made the same size as the other versions. In order to pass the pigtail end with the cap through the hub, you will need to use a heat gun to soften the cap so it will slide off and reattach it when on the other side.

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Original, Rev 2

Mini Tree Size

Mini, Small, Medium, Large


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