Vinyl Siding Corner Clips STL


Easily and quickly attach Christmas lights to your house with these vinyl siding corner clips. Attach the lights to sections of 1/2″ PVC pipe and then insert the PVC into the clips. Allows for the installation of entire spans in just a few minutes. Available in two styles, the original offset style and a new true corner version. The original offset version has the PVC opening displaced to the edge of the clip. This allows for greater clip flexibility as well as holding the PVC at the optimum distance away from the house to allow clearance for the pixels and wires. This is more important in colder climates where more flexibility within the clip helps prevent unwanted clip failures during installation and removal. At night it is nearly impossible to tell that the lights displaced a few inches from the corner. The true corner version locates the PVC opening just outside of the actual corner for those who want the lights as close to the corner as possible. Both versions hold well and clips are only needed every 2-3 feet. Due to variations in vinyl siding from manufacturer to manufacturer the fit may need to be tweaked for the perfect fit.

Note: This is a digital purchase for STL files and not a physical product. 

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3 Inches, 3.5 Inches, 4 Inches


Original Offset PVC, True Corner PVC


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