Matrix Mounts STL


The STL files for the Matrix Mounts, which are available for different pixel spacings, allow for the creation of an EMT frame around a matrix to assist in adding rigidity and provide a structure for mounting / hanging. The universal design allows you to place these anywhere within the matrix and create your own frame to suit your needs. The mounts are engineered with a two piece design that allows the components for the base and the post to be printed in the optimum orientation for strength. In order to connect the base and post a single #8 x 1.5″ long sheet metal screw is required. The mounting holes on the base are placed at the midpoint between the surrounding pixels to make securing the mounts simple using either zip ties or screws & nuts. With these mounts, building your ideal setup has never been easier.

Note: This is a digital purchase for STL files and not a physical product. 

WARNING: A 4’x8′ matrix using .95″ spacing will weigh nearly 100 pounds if conventional bullet pixels are used. At this weight it is possible to overload the printed parts, so the weight must be distributed as much as possible. Placing mounts no further apart than every 8″ along the perimeter is the minimum recommended with additional interior spans for structural integrity. Even following that guidance, extra care must be given to distribute the weight evenly when hanging or mounting. A large matrix will act like a sail in the wind which can introduce high stress forces on the mounts and lead to failure if not properly secured. Use is at your own risk. Choosing a lightweight pixel such as an EVO for large matrixes is HIGHLY recommended.  


The post on this mount features moderately steep overhangs. Supports are not needed, but you may need to slow down your printer in order for these features to print cleanly.

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Matrix Spacing

.95 Inch Spacing, .98 Inch Spacing, 1.0 Inch Spacing


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