HDPE Arch Bases Set v2 STL


This new version of HDPE Arch Bases introduces some really cool new features to make building the arches a simpler process. The HDPE Arch Bases are designed for either 1.75″ or 2″ outer diameter HDPE tubing that is sold by McMaster Carr. The design utilizes 1/2″ EMT conduit for the horizontal bracing and perpendicular stabilizing legs, but unlike the original version, the horizontal bracing is attached to the bases using EMT conduit hangars which allows for a more compact arch base design. The bases are designed to allow pigtails to pass inside the base and snap into a tapered groove on the bottom. An internal zip tie tunnel locks the pigtails in place so they stay contained in the groove. The advantage to this design is that you can use preassembled pigtails with your lights and simply slide them through the bases. No more fumbling to solder your connections with a partially assembled arch laying across your work bench. A completely redesigned pixel strip holder securely holds the strips without using any screws or zip ties and allows for a small bungee cord to supply tension. A front zip tie tunnel is then used to cinch the bungee in place and hold the tension. The top of the arch base also has a receptor that holds the pixel strip holder so that it remains as close as possible to the inside arc of the HDPE tubing. Includes STL files for the arch bases and the pixel strip holder. More details on the arches below.


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