Genius Receiver Mount to Meanwell LRS 350 STL


This mount attaches a four port Genius Receiver (GR4) from Experience Lights to a Meanwell LRS 350 power supply. The mount features our new press fit standoffs and a special support bar that greatly reduces board flex when utilizing the spring loaded terminals on the controller. These new press fit components simplify installation as you no longer have loose standoffs that can slide out of the way when installing the board. They need to be printed separately and then aligned over the openings on the deck of the mount and then simply pressed into place until fully seated and secure. The controller mounting holes themselves will self thread and are sized for a 6-32 x 1/2″ screw. The mount then attaches to the side of the power supply using two M4 x 8mm screws. Compatible with our Ammo Box Mounting System v2 and Voltage Display Mounts. 


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