Ammo Box Mounting System v2 STL


The Ammo Box Mounting System works with the Harbor Freight Ammo Box and provides an inexpensive outdoor enclosure for small electronics. The two part mount consists of a lower insert that sits at the bottom of the Ammo Box and an upper mount that rests on the upper lip of the box. The v2 design of the Ammo Box mounts has a different shaped bottom insert compared to the original version which makes it compatible with both the original control board mounts and the updated control board mounts with the press fit standoffs. The mounting system works with all of our Meanwell LRS 350 mounts, so you can mount any of the accessories such as distro boards, receiver boards, Raspberry pi’s and even a full F16 or Genius controller. The Meanwell mounts, sold separately, slide in and fit into the recess on the lower mount. Then the upper mount securely holds the power supply in place when the Ammo Box lid is closed. This is a larger part and requires a minimum of 250mm bed surface for the longest length. See below for a video showing how the Ammo Box Mounting System works.

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