Ammo Box Mounting System v2 STL


The Ammo Box Mounting System provides a quick and easy way to secure a Meanwell LRS 350 power supply along with virtually all of our controller mounts into the popular Harbor Freight Ammo Boxes to make a simple electronics enclosure. Designs are available for both the 30 caliber and 50 caliber ammo boxes and while they are different, they both work in similar fashions. The 30 caliber version consists of a lower insert and an upper mount and the power supply simply fits on its side and is held in place by the mount profile when the lid is closed. The 50 caliber version has a lower mount and two side mounts that can hold up to two Meanwell LRS 350 power supplies with the use of the included power supply standoffs. The power supplies in the 50 caliber version sit flat and are staggered for easy access to both sets of terminals. The mounting system works with all of our Meanwell LRS 350 mounts* (sold separately), so you can mount any of the accessories such as distro boards, receiver boards, Raspberry pi’s and even a full F16 or Genius controller. While you can fit a full size controller or 16 port expansion board on the smaller 30 caliber boxes, generally speaking those should be limited to no more than two 4 port receiver sized boards and use the 50 caliber boxes for the larger builds. The download contains both solid and two piece versions of the mounts for those with smaller print beds. See below for a video showing how the Ammo Box Mounting System works.

30 Caliber Ammo Box Link

50 Caliber Ammo Box Link

Note: This is a digital purchase for STL files and not a physical product. 

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* Controller mounts that attach to both sides of the power supply will need an additional spacer of approximately 4mm on the 50 caliber ammo box when used with dual power supplies because of material thickness. We make a spacer for this purpose that fits the LRS-350. More info can be found by clicking here.



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30 Caliber Box, 50 Caliber Box

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