Meanwell LRS 350 Spacer STL


These Meanwell LRS 350 spacers are used in combination with either our 50 Caliber Ammo Box Mounting System or the Meanwell LRS 350 Mounting Rack. The spacers are only needed when multiple power supplies are stacked AND when using one of our larger controller mounts that attaches to both sides of the power supply. Since those controller mounts fit tight to the power supply, the standoffs on the ammo box mount or the mounting rack sides needs to be attached outside of the controller mounts. This means on the lower power supply a spacer is needed make everything on the same plane.

For our controller mounts that only attach to the power supply on one side, which are the majority of the ones we make, the spacers are not needed since the mount can be installed outside of the standoffs or mounting rack sides. However if one desired to have the controller mount on the inside and the standoffs / mounting rack on the outside, then one would need to use the spacers on the lower power supply.

Example pics show how the spacer fits in combination with the standoffs from the 50 caliber ammo box mounts and a F16 mount. Keep scrolling down to see a list of all mounts that attach on both sides of the power supply.

Note: This is a digital purchase for STL files and not a physical product. 

In order to alleviate any confusion, below is a list of the controller mounts which attach to both sides of the power supply.

  • Genius 16 Mount to Meanwell LRS 350
  • Kulp K16A-B to Meanwell LRS 350
  • Falcon F16 Mount to Meanwell LRS 350
  • Falcon F48 Mount to Meanwell LRS 350
  • Dual F8 Distro v1.02 or newer to Meanwell LRS 350
  • Holiday Coro Flex Expansion Board Mount to Meanwell LRS 350
  • Raspberry Pi & F8 Distro to Meanwell LRS 350
  • QuinLED Dig Octa to Meanwell LRS 350 Mount
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