Falcon F16 Mount to Meanwell LRS 350 STL


This mount is for applications where space is limited and attaches a Falcon F16 controller to a Meanwell LRS 350 power supply and comes with files for printing standoffs so the boards don’t sit directly on the mount. The mounting holes for the Falcon controller will self thread to a 6-32 screw size. We recommend using 6-32 machine screws either 3/8″ or 1/2″ length for attaching the boards to the mount. Then attach the mount to the side of the power supply using two M4 x 8mm screws. Due to the large size of the mount, this does partially restrict the fan on the power supply. However there is still clearance above the fan and the sides are open below the controller to allow airflow to pass. Add on volt meter and combo volt meters mounts do not fit on the mounting plate due to the large size.

Weight 2 oz
Falcon Version

v2 or v3 (red or white), v4 (blue)


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