EMT Mounting System Bracket STL


The EMT Mounting System Bracket is a simple way to securely mount props to a wide variety of surfaces utilizing 1/2″ or 3/4″ EMT conduit and is compatible with any of our EMT prop mounts of the same size EMT. The EMT Mounting System Bracket can be fastened to just about any flat surface utilizing #8 screws and perfectly pairs with our EMT prop mounts to securely hold any prop in place. On the underside is a hole sized to fit a standard 1/4″ nut and this allows a 2″ long screw or bolt to be fastened through the EMT and lock the EMT in place. Alternatively a slot is provided to slide a zip tie through the mount and around the EMT. Most of the larger props 40 inches and bigger will require 4 mounting brackets for a secure hold.

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EMT Size

1/2" EMT, 3/4" EMT


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