Star 36-270 Mount 20mm STL


3D Printed mounting system for the Gilbert Engineering Star 36-270. These mounts are have been completely redesigned to eliminate the need to use the coro clamps to attach the vertical pipe. All mounts are sized to fit 20mm conduit and the bottom and top mounts make up the primary connection to the topper. On those mounts a 60mm long M6 machine screw or bolt is inserted on the top of the mount and attaches to a M6 nut that you insert into the underside of the mount. This creates an incredibly strong post that will support the primary loads of the topper. The center junction is make using a 25mm PVC cross that allows the smaller 20mm conduit to pass through using the included bushings file.

For those in the UK, the links below are where you can get the conduit and PVC fittings.

Link to Conduit

Link to PVC Cross



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