Singing Bulbs Mount 20mm STL


3D Printed mounting system for the Gilbert Engineering Singing Bulbs. The mounts provide a frame structure behind the coro to increase strength and allow mounting to various surfaces or for ground installations. Mounts are available for the small 30″ bulbs and the medium 46″ bulbs. Upright or hanging orientations do not matter with these mounts as they fit both styles.* The STL files contain special versions made for 20mm conduit. The mounts are designed to be zip tied to the coro and they feature a hole on the top where a screw can be inserted through the mount and into the conduit to secure it in place. There are two styles available depending on your installation needs, a single mount and a double mount. The double mount was primarily designed for those who are doing ground installations as it will resist twisting. Two pieces of rebar can be inserted into the ground and then slide the conduit over top of the rebar.

*There is a small difference (about 4mm) in the vertical placement of the pixels between the upright and hanging versions of the 46″ bulb. The holes in the mounts average out this distance and thus will not be perfectly centered around the pixel opening, but there is still ample clearance around the holes to insert the pixels.

For those in the UK, the link below is where you can get the conduit.

Link to Conduit

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Small 30", Medium 46"


Single Mount, Double Mount


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