Pixabulb / Brilliant Bulb Mount STL


3D Printed mounts for attaching Pixabulbs or Brilliant Bulbs to either PVC pipe or EMT conduit. They are two versions available, one to fit 1/2″ PVC or EMT and one to fit 3/4″ PVC or EMT. There are small tabs on the top of the mount that engage over the light base when inserted into the mount. This holds the lights securely in place. On the bottom there is a hole for a screw to be inserted to lock the mount to the PVC or EMT. These mounts are perfect for getting exact orientation and alignment of your lights which are notoriously difficult to achieve on round pipe or conduit. Due to their flat sides you can insert the mounts on PVC / EMT and place on a table or other flat surface and the mounts will all be square with each other. Then insert the screw in to lock the mounts in place.

Now included with the download are 3 different joint connectors that are perfect for making window frames or other grids. Included are elbows, tees and crosses.

Note: This design has very tight tolerances because there are small differences in size between Pixabulbs and Brilliant Bulbs. In order to achieve these details your printer must be dialed it, use no bigger than a .4 nozzle and must print the top portion of the light base at .1 mm layer height. Printing at layer heights greater than .1 will not allow the small tabs to print to their proper shape.

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1/2" PVC & EMT, 3/4" PVC & EMT


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