LLS Snowflake Mount STL


3D Printed mounting system for the Boscoyo Studios Living Light Shows Snowflake. These mounts provide a frame structure behind the coro to increase strength and allow mounting to various surfaces. The mounts are sized to fit 1/2″ EMT conduit and are designed to be zip tied to the coro. They feature a hole on the top where a screw can be inserted through the mount and into the EMT to secure it in place. The LLS Snowflake mounts are available in two configuration versions, Cross Mount and Mega Mount. The Cross Mount utilizes a 1/2″ PVC cross at the center junction and which allows the EMT conduit can pass through the cross with the included file for EMT to PVC bushings. The Mega Mount versions uses a 6 spoke printed hub at the center to connect the EMT conduit arms with one of arms being able to pass continuously through the hub.

Note: This is a digital purchase for STL files and not a physical product. 

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The center top and bottom mounts on the 35″ version of the LLS Snowflakes utilize integrated zip tie tunnels on one of the zip tie locations. See this video to understand how to install zip ties with these integrated tunnels.


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Snowflake Size

35 Inch, 46 Inch

Mount Style

Cross Mount, Mega Mount


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