Holly Jolly Christmas by Michael Buble


Sequence Settings:

Sequence Timing 25ms

Please turn ON “Allow Blending Between Models” in xLights Sequence Settings

Audio Not Included.

Holly Jolly Christmas by Michael Buble can be purchased on Amazon. Click here for link.


This sequence contains the following popular props. This is not a complete list of all prop and models, but rather an overview of the feature elements. For more information on props and group orders, please see our show layout below. (GE=Gilbert Engineering, BS=Boscoyo Studios)

Mega Tree with 6 layer Star, Matrix, GE Rosa Wreath, GE SpinReel Max, GE Baby of all Wreaths, GE Starburst, BS LLS Snowflakes, GE Flake B, GE Flake K, GE Mini Trees with Star 12, P10 Pixel Poles, Winterberry Trees, Spiral Trees, Arches, GE Candy Canes, Fireworks, Icicles, Various AC Yard Decorations and Trees.

2020 Show Layout PDF

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