GeoBell Flower Mount STL


3D Printed mounting system for the 47″ Boscoyo Studios GeoBell Flower. The unique shape of the GeoBell Flower poses several challenges when designing mounting parts to fit around the pixels. This design with center, mid and outer mounts provides a frame structure behind the coro to increase strength and allow mounting to various surfaces as well as providing support for the more delicate outer section. The mounts are sized to fit 1/2″ EMT conduit and are designed to be zip tied to the coro. They feature a hole on the top where a screw can be inserted through the mount and into the EMT to secure it in place. The center junction is made using a 1/2″ PVC cross which allows the smaller EMT conduit to pass through utilizing the included EMT to PVC bushings file.

Note: The center mount at its widest points measures 253.5mm x 136mm. This may be too large to print on some printers with smaller print beds. Rotating the part does allow it to fit into a smaller profile and it will fit comfortably on a Prusa MK3S for example.

Note: This is a digital purchase for STL files and not a physical product. 


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