Boscoyo Mini Tree Mounting System STL


3D Printed mounting system for the Boscoyo Studio series of HDPE mini trees. The mounts are available to fit two different sizes of HDPE trees, the 19 inch tall tree and the 27.8 inch tall tree. (Note: Boscoyo lists both of these sizes as “medium” on their website with the 19″ tree sold as a “Medium 360 Mini Tree HDPE” and the 27.8″ tree sold as a “Medium Plus 360 Mini Tree HDPE”)

This mounting system utilizes a lower and upper center hub and 4 lower outside mounts that attach with zip ties to the mini tree. 1/2″ EMT conduit, is used to join all the printed parts to create an internal skeleton that securely supports the mini tree. To install the tree, simply insert 1/2″ rebar into the ground and slide the EMT center of the mini tree over the rebar. Take 25% off automatically when purchasing 2 or more sizes of Boscoyo Mini Tree Mounts. Discount will be reflected in cart. Additional info listed below. While the videos and pictures below show the Gilbert Engineering Mini Trees, the Boscoyo Studio Mini Trees are very similar in construction.

Note: This is a digital purchase for STL files and not a physical product. 


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Parts List:

  • 1/2″ EMT Conduit
  • (8x) 8/32 x 1/2″ machine screw or similar sheet metal screws for securing EMT to bottom mounts
  • #6 or similar x 1/2″ sheet metal screw for use with the alignment jig
  • (5x) #6, #8 or similar x 1/2″ sheet metal screws for securing the top mount
  • 8/32 x 2″ machine screw for locking EMT in place on top mount
  • (2x) 8/32 x 3/4″ machine screws for the star
  • (2x) 8/32 nylon lock nuts for the star
  • 1/4 x 1/2 machine screw for the star
  • Zip Ties

Recommended lengths for cutting EMT conduit:

  • 19 Inch Size: Vertical EMT 24 1/2 inches, Horizontal EMT (4x) 5 3/8  inches
  • 28 Inch Size: Vertical EMT 32 1/2 inches with the 9.5″ star and 33 1/2 inches with the 12.5″ star, Horizontal EMT (4x) 7 1/4 inches

For the star installation on the Boscoyo Mini Trees you will want to use a utility knife and cut off the stock mounting piece that extends below the star. It is not needed as the Mini Tree Mounting System utilizes the central EMT pole for the star mount.

The following video references the Gilbert Engineering Mini Trees, but the same installation techniques are valid for the Boscoyo Studio Mini Trees.

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Mini Tree Size

19 Inch, 28 Inch


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