Kulp K16A-B to Meanwell LRS 350 STL


This mount attaches a Kulp K16A-B pixel controller to a Meanwell LRS 350 power supply. The mount prints in two parts and the outer standoff presses into the base mount and locks in place. Four 4-40 x 1″ screws are used to attach the controller to the mount and four M4 x 8 mm screws attach the mount to the power supply. Due to the large size of the mount, this does partially restrict the fan on the power supply. However there is still clearance above the fan and the sides are open below the controller to allow airflow to pass. Compatible with our Ammo Box Mounting System for .50 caliber ammo boxes. (While it does technically fit inside our .30 caliber ammo boxes, there isn’t much usable space due to the tall height of the controller. However it will easily fit inside the larger .50 ammo boxes.)

Note: This is a digital purchase for STL files and not a physical product. 

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