Pixabulb / Brilliant Bulb Mount EMT Clearance


This clearance version has the EMT opening which is fractions of a millimeter smaller than spec which results in them being too snug of a fit over the EMT conduit compared to a normal version. They still fit over the EMT, but simply are harder to slide around and into position. Black in color.

3D Printed mounts for attaching Pixabulbs or Brilliant Bulbs to 1/2″ EMT conduit. There are small tabs on the top of the mount that engage over the light base when inserted into the mount. This holds the lights securely in place. On the bottom there is a hole for a screw to be inserted to lock the mount to the EMT. These mounts are perfect for getting exact orientation and alignment of your lights which are notoriously difficult to achieve on round pipe or conduit. Due to their flat sides you can insert the mounts on EMT and place on a table or other flat surface and the mounts will all be square with each other. Then insert the screw in to lock the mounts in place.

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All of our 3D printed parts use PETG filament which provides good flexibility and resistance to UV exposure when used seasonally.

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